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Fenton Books is a publisher of college textbooks in composition, rhetoric, and critical thinking. When, in January 2012, we assembled the team for Fenton Books, we set two priorities: first, to provide an alternative to the small handful of large companies that now publish the commonly used college textbooks and, second, to engage students in the intellectual challenges they will encounter in college and as they develop their careers. Fenton Books also was established to promote conversation among those who seek to discuss how the publishing industry can best support the theoretical and pedagogical concerns that shape their classroom practice.

Fenton Books responds to a call, repeated throughout the last few decades, for theoretically informed texts that will provide a solid foundation for intellectual growth. Its books will manifest sound theoretical principles upon which even relatively inexperienced instructors may build. Attention to the scholarly and pedagogical interests of instructors will insure that Fenton books will be meaningful, current, and above all, useful.

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